Turtle Rescue Cahuita Mission

Promote the protection and survival of sea turtle and the different wildlife of the area by way of education and participation from our neighbors.

Be a protective community for  the native wildlife of the area, thus ensuring the survival of the sea turtle and other natural treasure. We recognize ourselves as part of the ecosystem and the guarantors of its balance.

We are Cahuita, we protect the turtles.

Our objectives…

  • Community

    Work with community conservation projects, reforestation, beach cleaning and recycling. All this in a special approach towards environmental education.

  • Conservation

    Use proven conservation methods that are used throughout Costa Rica focusing on:

    • Conservation
    • Investigation
    • Ecotourism
  • Protection

    Protect and release the turtles back to the sea.

  • Awareness

    Raise awareness for local communities. Education is key for this program.

  • Funding

    Fund this effort through sponsorship and donations.

  • Government

    Request government support to protect turtles in Playa Grande de Cahuita and access to government financing programs for compliance.